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painter and sculptor


Jean Pierre Neveu Maître en Beaux-Arts

Jean-Pierre Neveu was born in Saint-Basile-le-Grand, in the region of Montérégie (Quebec, Canada), on April 12, 1948 to a modest family, in a time known as the "Great Darkness".  He begins painting at a very young age, before his first school years.  At nine, he is already a passionate student in his drawing classes and stands out for his ability to reproduce elements with an exceptional fidelity.  At the age of 14, Neveu’s father encourages him to sell his paintings, and he quickly gains in popularity as a result.

As a self-taught artist, Neveu never felt the need to validate what he would later practice as a profession.  However, in 1968 he enrols at the École des Métiers d’Arts in Montreal. With Professor Ivanhoé Fortier Dupuis, he learns the techniques of stone carving.  Always in an innate need to satiate his techniques and knowledge, to this day Jean-Pierre Neveu has never stopped studying various techniques in visual arts.

In 1983, he composes an unusual chromatic chart on the natural colors of our real, terrestrial environment according to the perception of the human eye, which led him to create paintings based on a concept out of the ordinary for this time.  In 1985, while teaching painting and drawing in different organizations, he opens his own school where he teaches the techniques of painting and stone carving, a school he names Studio Creativ-Art.  In 1989, this school becomes the Association of Stone Sculptors of Montérégie.


1986 turns out to be a pivotal year for Neveu as the artist embarks on a passionate quest to reinvent the landscapes of this world to create a new one.  It is through this inner search that the Universe of Ava is born.  In 2012, Neveu publishes a 912-page novel titled “Le Perceurs d’Univers” (The Piercer of Universes published by the Editions of Mi-Fiction) that describes the Universe of Ava in all its intricate details.

Sans titre-True Color-013.jpg

On April 21, 2012 Neveu was inducted as a signatory member of the Institute of Figurative Arts (IAF). That same year, Neveu celebrates fifty years of artistic life by creating a major event where he presents a retrospective of his works through his artistic journey.  For the first time, he exhibits his new collection of oil paintings with three-dimensional effects.  In 2013 during the annual Academia Gala, the International Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec (AIBAQ) awards Neveu with the prize of "Master in Fine Arts.”  In 2014, after five years of research, Neveu discovers the missing link to make his work unique in the field:  he creates a way for us to see his paintings in three dimensions by crafting a chromatic chart adapted for figurative painting.  In May 2015, he is accepted as a member of the Society of Canadian Artists.

2015 to 2018 are years of recognition for the Master of Fine Arts.  Several honors and important distinctions are conferred on him, in Europe as well as in Canada. One of them stands out amongst others:  the Silver Medal of the Academic Society ARTS-SCIENCES-LETTERS of Paris.  He participates to hundreds of important exhibitions, such as the Museum Marc-Aurèle Fortin in 1993, where a work of 12 X 6.5 feet is presented.  His artwork travels in France, the United States and Canada, but most of it is found in private and corporate collections, including Loto Quebec, SNC Lavalin and the Montreal Institute of Fine Arts.


For some years now, he has given lectures on artistic subjects that highlight the power of the artist following his creative process. The goal is to further develop their dream world to realize their own artistic signature.  In parallel to his conferences, Neveu is always in search of knowledge, which brings him to go deeper into his research and to experiment on new creative concepts, which he then shares with his peers, and help them push their creative limits.

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