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painter and sculptor



As a young child, Jean-Pierre Neveu is possessed by the unexplainable impulsive need to continually draw scenes from his environment: barns, houses, cows, trees.  He naturally grasps the importance of observation and gesture, to memorize the elements he sees so that he can later represent them as accurately as possible with his colored pencils.  This reveals the analytical personality of this artist, a personality that will always be fed by exploration, study, research and creation.

He finds inspiration in Delacroix, Van Dyck, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, some for their style and technique, others for their thirst for knowledge and artistic achievements.

Neveu paints forest scenes in a natural way.  Directly connected to nature, he favors hyperrealism which leads him to surrealism.  He feels no need to sketch: on a black or white background, he spontaneously starts his first creative gesture.  Four Golden Section points guide his initial composition.  As described by art historian and critic Sam Aberg, Neveu manipulates small or large brushes in a surgical precision to define forms on the canvas, creating the scenes in a spatio-temporal style.  The evolution of strokes and paint spots transforms into hundreds of points of interest, which then translates into a totally magical environment.

Using pure oil as a medium of choice, Neveu carefully choses the colors of each scene, deposits them to create a detachment between each element, filling the depth of field of the different planes of the painting: the result is a visual in three dimensions.  Neveu meticulously studies and develops this technique to adapt it to figurative painting.  He creates his own chromatic chart in three dimensions with the help of ChromadepthTM glasses.  This outcome demonstrates an undeniable fact:  the creation of a new artistic movement, the “Chromadepth” 3D, proclaimed by art theorist Hélène-Caroline Fournier-Torregrossa. 

Vibrant blues, warm yellowish greens or cold greens getting closer to aqua, deep reds fading into orange:  all these colors unite in tickling their complementary colors.  By this pictorial treatment, the colors enveloping the composition create in this way, a mystical atmosphere that only the artist can master. From the simple forest scene to the fantastical landscape stemming from a parallel world born from the artist, Jean-Pierre Neveu learns to write a fiction book in order to define the deep nature of his world.  "My painting was not enough to fully express everything I saw and knew about this world.  Shall I write to give it even more realism as to believe in it even more?"

To believe more, so that the imaginary never ceases to create.

The artist’s work comes to life inseparably from its parallel world. Each painting, large or small, mainly illustrates plants classified by species, family, order, class and branch from the universe of Ava.  Nothing is left to chance in the artist’s mind.  The scrolling of the scenes thus painted reproduces a completely reinvented visual.

IIn front of each completed artwork, his pride is manifested in a vision that is always improved by his technique, to contribute to the fabulous world of art here and now, and later on, like a legacy of his memory.  The work of the artist leads the viewer to wonder where the key is to be found, to penetrate this universe, unknown to us until now.


By Jean-Pierre Neveu

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