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painter and sculptor


Very early, young child, Jean-Pierre Neveu by an unexplained impulsive need, continually draws the scenes of his environment, barns, houses, cows, trees. He already grasps the importance of the gesture of observing the elements, and memorizing them, and then representing them as accurately as possible with his colored pencils. This demonstrates in this artist, an analytical personality that he will never cease to feed, either by exploration, study, research, creation...

Admirer of Delacroix, Van Dyck, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Jean-Pierre Neveu is inspired by them. The ones, for their styles and techniques, the others, for their thirsts of knowledge and their artistic achievements.

The artist paints forest scenes in a natural way. Connected directly to nature, he favors the hyperrealist who then leads him to the surrealist. No need for a sketch or sketch. On a background of black or white, he begins his first creative gesture spontaneously. Only the four golden points define its initial composition. With surgical precision, the artist manipulates the brush, whether large or very small, so as to define the shapes on the canvas to create Spatio-Temporal scenes, (affirmed by the historian and art critic, Sam Aberg). The evolution of strokes and paint spots is transformed into hundreds of points of interest, thus seeking to reproduce a totally magical environment.

Using pure oil, as a medium of choice, the colors carefully chosen for each scene, are deposited to create a distance with a logical approximation, between each element furnishing the depth of field of different planes of the table. The result is a visual in three dimensions. This technique, the artist meticulously studies and adapts it for figurative painting, creating his own 3D color chart with the help of 3D vision glasses made from a patented Chromadepth system. This culmination demonstrates an inescapable fact ... the annunciation of a new artistic movement: The Chromadepth 3D proclaimed by a theoretician in art, named, Hélène Caroline Torregrossa Fournier.

Vibrant blues, warm greens showing the yellow and sometimes cold showing the aqua, deep reds fading into the orange, unite by tickling their complementary colors. By this pictorial treatment, the colors enveloping the composition creates in this way, an atmosphere of a mystical angle, which only the artist knows how to master. From the simple forest scene to the fantastic scene, stemming from a parallel world that the artist creates from scratch, Jean-Pierre Neveu learns to write a fiction book in order to define the deep nature of this world. "My painting was not enough to fully express everything I saw and knew about this world ... Should I write to give it even more realism to believe more ..."

Believe more...? So that his endless imagination never ceases to create.

The artist's work comes to life indissociably from its parallel world. Each painting, from very large format to medium format, mainly illustrates plants. Classified by species, family, order, class and branch of the universe of Ava. Nothing is left to chance in the artist's mind. The scrolling of the scenes thus painted, reproduces a completely reinvented visual.

In front of each completed work, her pride is manifested in a vision of always improving her technique, to make it contribute to the fabulous world of arts here and now, and later on, bequeaths her memory...

 The work of the artist, when presented, leads the viewer to wonder, where the key to penetrate this universe until unknown to



Jean-Pierre Neveu